The World Is On Fire. by Daniel Gillespie

I grew up in a family of four boys & one girl, so as you can imagine there was a good bit of messing around, when we were young there was nothing that triggered me into action more than hearing my parents saying, “I’m going to give you to the count of three to stop whatever you’re doing.” Followed by the slow, but firm toned count “1”…”2”… and it was at this point as kids we would have pushed the boundaries a little by responding whilst continuing whatever it was we were not meant to be doing and saying “2 and 3 quarters” continuing what we were doing, “2 and a half”, “2 and a quarter.” And then whenever we had run out of quarters of a quarter we would either stop what we were doing or wait for the elusive “3” count and run as fast as we could away from the inevitable consequences.

I can't help but think that is the position we find ourselves in today, in regards to our planet and the environment that surrounds us. For years we have heard reports of "climate change" and of "global warming", reports of many experts telling us that our planet is groaning and if we don't change something it will continue to do so until it can no longer. Just this week we have reports all over social media that the Amazon rainforest is on fire, whether by natural causes or orchestrated by man the fact is our planet is burning and if that doesn’t stir something within us then something has to give. 

Reality is that we have a responsibility to change how we use and abuse our home, for generations we have ignored the signs leaving it for the next generation to figure out a “quick fix” to an age old problem. It’s almost like we are waiting for the “3” count in order to run as fast as we can from the consequences but the reality is sooner or later we will run out of breath quite literally and have to deal with the consequences. 

Our treatment of this planet is not something we can afford to leave to the next generation, unfortunately we no longer have that privilege and so we must act. I’m not saying that I have all the answers, in fact I write this in order to open a conversation to help inform us all in what we can do to build a sustainable future for generations to come on this beautiful planet.

As I thought over the events of recent years, I couldn’t help but be drawn to a scene from “Back To The Future” in which Marty introduced the song as "an oldie”, and instructed the band to play a blues riff for a backup. The song we know was “Johnny B. Good - Chuck Berry”. To the audience and the band it was like nothing they had ever heard of before.  As Marty got more erratic with his guitar playing, the audience and band stopped dancing and covered their ears at his last high note. Marty then realised that the audience wasn't ready for that yet, but their kids will be. "I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it." (Link below). I’m sure if we had an opportunity to jump back in time we wouldn’t bring a message of some great song by Ed Sheehan but much rather a message of “look after it while you have it”. The same call goes for us. We need to look after it & redeem it while we have it, otherwise we will be remembered as the generation that had a chance to change the abuse but let it slip ignorantly by. So if anything please consider ‘small’ changes you can make order to make a lasting difference.

This by no means offers any solutions and is merely my ramblings in order to vent, so if you are well versed in these things please feel free to contribute some practical things we can do to start living in a way that honours our responsibility.


Concerned Citizen Of Planet Earth